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Housing solutions could never been easier. Either for glamping investments or housing solutions, to residential or Hotel Pop-Up concepts. White and Easy products will easily fulfill your needs.


For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential. Those involved with the design and execution of the infrastructure in question must consider zoning requirements.

Pop-up Hotels

A construction project must fit into the legal framework governing the property. These include governmental regulations on the use of property and obligations that are created in the process of construction.


Our team ensure the building continues to operate in accordance with its design, including replacing elements which are approaching the end of their useful life to make it effective and functioning.




Ready designs



Product Range:

Expand to…

…any possible

dimension x

Guest House 20m2 x

Glamping Studio 40m2 x

Holidays House 40m2 x

Low Cost

Housing modules including all appliances and furniture starting at 700 euro/m2.

Fast Delivery

We can deliver each unit in less than 4 weeks.

Easy to assembly

No special equipment is needed to assembly all units at your location/land. No need of heavy cranes, of other machinery

Unlimited Layouts

You can create unlimited layouts with our modules to fit every need of your project.


With solar panels installed you can either operate off-the-grid or just create more revenue for your business by Net Metering Energy Production Scheme provided by us.


Our production methos and our recycled materials result to an eco-friendly solution for Hospitality sector or private housing projects.

Our Services x

  • Design
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Property Management
Our team of expert designers and architects will design the best solution for your needs. Contact us.
Our production will follow your unique needs
We will deliver your houses, either in modules or already assembled.
Our team will assemble all units at your location.
We manage all properties for you, with low charges. Contact us for more information.

Our History x



Workforce rooms

We will launch 1 model for Greek Island landscape



Pop-up Hotels

We schedule to deliver and operate Pop-up Hotels



Glamping solutions

We will launch a Glamping solution.



First delpoyment

2 models / 2 units deployment




Production of 2 modules for Glamping and Hotel use cases




We focused on market analysis, upcycling of materials and combine them with natural materials.



Initial Idea

We identified that we can UPSCALE materials along with natural ingredients.

Our Team x

Dimitris Koutsolioutsos

Business Development - Founder

Antonis Mantouvalos

Marine Engineer


Kostas Misirlis

Naval Architect

Contact Us x

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Address:Timoleontos Filimonos 11, 11521, Athens, Greece"> Web:">

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